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How to use Android Beam on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Thursday, June 26, 2014


Android Beam allows you to transmit application contents through Near Field Communication or NFC to other NFC devices that support Android Beam. This content will guide you through using Android Beam on Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.


You need to turn on or enable NFC on your Galaxy S5 before you can turn on and use Android Beam on your device. This is because Android Beam uses NFC.

The NFC feature will allow sharing of information between your device and another NFC device, simply by touching the devices together, usually back-to-back.

Here are the steps to Enable or Disable Android Beam on the Galaxy S5:

Again, in order to make beaming available from the apps on your phone, don't forget to turn on or enable both the NFC and Android Beam on your device beforehand.

Once the NFC and Android Beam are both enabled, you may now proceed with the following steps:

1.       Tap on the Apps menu from the Home screen.
2.       Tap on Settings to continue.
3.       Tap to select NFC.
4.       Tap the ON/OFF switch next to NFC. Doing so will turn the NFC on or off (enabled/disabled) on your phone.
5.       Tap on Android Beam to continue.
6.       Tap on the ON/OFF switch located next to Android Beam. This will turn Android Beam On or Off on your Galaxy S5 handset.

It's that quick and simple.

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