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How to sync Apps and Account on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Gra | Tuesday, June 10, 2014


In case you need help in syncing some apps and accounts on your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, here's a quick guide for you to refer to.

1. Touch on Apps menu from the Home screen.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. Scroll to User and Backup then touch to select Accounts.

4. Touch the preferred account under My Accounts.

5. Under Accounts, touch your account (Google, Facebook, Samsung).

6. Sync all apps and accounts by touching the Menu key and then select Sync All.


If you want to sync only selected apps and accounts, just touch your Account, then clear any check boxes beside the accounts and apps you do not want to sync. Just put check marks on those you want to sync.

7.  Once you're done selecting the accounts and apps to sync, touch on the Menu key to proceed.

8. Finally, touch Sync Now to initiate apps and accounts syncing on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Hope this helps!

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