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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions Index

By: Unknown | Sunday, June 8, 2014


As you may have already known, I provide free Android support over at TheDroidGuy.com (TDG). Most of the time my posts are based on emails sent to us by our readers asking how to solve their problems. As of this writing, I've already published 17 parts of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series. So, basically, I've already addressed almost 200 hundred problems/questions this year.

It's a great feeling being able to help people especially when I read emails of users saying thanks. There's only very few of us who provide this kind of support for free. I love this job and I want to always remember doing this. That's the reason why I decided to create an index for problems I've already addressed.

This post will link to posts I've published over at TDG. You may click on the title of each part to read that post. Problems were duly numbered so you can easily find them.

PART 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Messaging app stopped working
  2. Galaxy S3 refuses to come back on
  3. Galaxy S3 browser issue
  4. Gallery app takes a long time to load
  5. Cannot install program in Storage
  6. Delayed receipt of SMS messages 
  7. Galaxy S3 with custom ROM reboots randomly
  8. Stuck at Samsung logo after firmware update
  9. Screen blacks out during calls
  10. Uninstalling Maps on 4.3 firmware

PART 2: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Stock email not working, Wi-Fi issues
  2. Downloading software update
  3. Phone won’t charge
  4. Phone freezes when screen rotates
  5. Can’t upload on Instagram
  6. Phone sluggish after update
  7. Phone’s screen blacked out
  8. Keyboard freezes, games lag
  9. Clock app stopped working
  10. Messaging hangs, phone freezes randomly
  11. Side lock button response delayed
  12. Can’t hear callers
  13. Trouble making calls
  14. Turn off predictive text and auto-correct
  15. Can’t send text messages

PART 3: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3
  2. Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On After Being Charged
  3. Unfortunately, Email has stopped working
  4. S3 telling me to close a window to open another
  5. Galaxy S3 can’t get out of safe mode
  6. Camera flashes when email messages come in
  7. Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped working
  8. Stuck on the logo screen
  9. Unfortunately the system UI has stopped working
  10. Can’t connect to some TuneIn Radio stations
  11. Call barring issue with Galaxy S3
  12. Galaxy S3 keeps rebooting after having dropped
  13. TrueCaller and Tango apps problems

PART 4: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Can’t recognize SIM card after the update
  2. “Choose input method” in Notification Bar
  3. How to connect to a TV set
  4. SD card randomly unmounts, drains battery
  5. Problem parsing the package
  6. “Not registered on network”
  7. “Unfortunately, Internet has stopped”
  8. “Network terminated because internet connection is slow”
  9. Phone goes to Safe Mode
  10. “The process android.process.acore has stopped working”
  11. “Insert SIM card to access network services”

PART 5: How To Fix Galaxy S3 Problems After 4.3 Jelly Bean Update

  1. Stuck during the update, phone can’t boot
  2. MMS download failure
  3. Phone randomly prompts owner to login
  4. Mobile data automatically connects
  5. Gallery stopped working
  6. Settings stopped working
  7. Can’t remember frequently used words
  8. Multiple apps stopped working
  9. Hands free, S Voice turns on automatically
  10. Can’t establish reliable connection

PART 6: How to Fix Galaxy S3 User Problems After 4.3 JB Update

  1. Voicemail notification won’t disappear
  2. Galaxy S3 contacts disappeared
  3. Phone using too much RAM after update
  4. Stuck on Samsung logo
  5. Phone keeps restarting after an update
  6. Galaxy S3 Music player hangs a lot
  7. Galaxy S3 Gallery stopped working
  8. Mirror Galaxy S3 to HDTV
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3 device doesn’t boot up, keeps shutting down
  10. Recipients can’t read text messages

PART 7: Samsung Galaxy S3 Questions and Problems after 4.3 Update

  1. Image files get re-downloaded
  2. Galaxy S3 stuck on the welcome message
  3. Android.process.core stopped working
  4. Can’t edit or delete APN on Galaxy S3
  5. Multiple problems after recent update
  6. Galaxy S3 uses 80% of RAM
  7. Galaxy S3 freezing after the update
  8. Can’t access Gmail, Play Store
  9. Stuck after the update
  10. Wifi won’t stay connected

PART 8: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After 4.3 Update and How To Fix Them

  1. Cannot use Google apps after the update
  2. Music suddenly stops on Galaxy S3
  3. Saving media files to external storage
  4. Galaxy S3 won’t charge occasionally
  5. Bookmark folder disappeared
  6. Galaxy S3 freezes occasionally
  7. Cannot transfer media files to computer
  8. Galaxy S3 call fades in and out
  9. Get rid of carrier-specific apps
  10. Slow charging issue on Galaxy S3
  11. Galaxy S3 can’t boot past Samsung logo
  12. Voice recognition issue, Talkatone alternative
  13. Duplicate text messages on Galaxy S3
  14. Downloaded documents being re-downloaded
  15. Galaxy S3 restarts when accessing clipboard
  16. Media files can’t be played/viewed

PART 9: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Web page becomes unresponsive
  2. Galaxy s3 randomly shuts off
  3. Old emails get pushed back
  4. Cannot send out emails, battery drains fast
  5. Image redownloaded, auto-punctuate not functioning
  6. Phone keeps freezing after the update
  7. Camera failed, callers can’t hear the owner
  8. Google calendar wiped clean
  9. Emails redownloaded, -1 message notification
  10. Computer can’t detect Galaxy S3

PART 10: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

  1. Recovering lost pictures
  2. Screen turns dark / dim after repair
  3. Gallery crashes after the update
  4. Volume is too low
  5. Network signal drops
  6. Wifi signal is unstable
  7. Freezes when app is launched
  8. Multiple problems with S3
  9. Volume drops while in a call
  10. Galaxy S3 stuck on Samsung logo
  11. Google Play Store gone
  12. Phone flickers randomly

This is a work in progress and as you can see, I've aggregated 10 parts for now. Rest assured I will finish all parts and continue updating this post as I publish Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions every week. You may bookmark this page to make it easy to find.

If you have problems with your phone, you may contact me via mailbag@thedroidguy.com or harold@droidista.com but just so you know, your emails will be published on TheDroidGuy.com. My blog, Droidista.com, will serve as a journal of all my works.

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