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Samsung Galaxy S5: Setting Up Verizon POP Email Account

By: Unknown | Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This is a guide to walk you through setting up your Verizon email on your new Samsung Galaxy S5. I find it necessary to write this tutorial because I receive a lot of emails from S5 owners asking how to setup their email accounts that their carrier provided. In this case, it's a Verizon email.

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.

Step 2: Find and tap the Settings icon.

Step 3: Scroll to Account section and tap Accounts icon.

Step 4: Tap Add account.

Step 5: Choose Email from the list of options.

Step 6: Now enter your Verizon email address (username@verizon.net) and your password.

Step 7: Tap Manual setup option below the screen to edit server settings.

Step 8: Tap POP3 account button.

Step 9: You need to fill up each field with correct incoming server settings, such as:

  • Email address - enter your Verizon email address
  • Password - the password to your email account
  • POP3 Server - enter "pop.verizon.net" without quotes
  • Security Type - make sure SSL is enabled
  • Port - you must use the default port number, which is 995
  • Delete email from server - to make sure you can access your emails after they were downloaded to your phone, choose Never

Step 10: Now tap the Next button in the bottom of the screen.

Step 11: Now enter correct outgoing or SMTP server settings:

  • SMTP Server - enter "smtp.verizon.net" without quotes
  • Security Type - like the incoming server, choose SSL
  • Port - enter 587, it's the default SMTP port number
  • Require sign-in - make sure the checkbox is checked
  • Username - enter your Verizon email address
  • Password - enter the password to your email account

Step 12: Tap the Next button.

Step 13: As for Account options, choose these options:

  • Sync schedule - Every 2 hours
  • Peak schedule - Every 2 hours
  • Sync email - checkbox must be checked
  • Notify me when email arrives - checkbox must be checked

Step 14: Now tap the Next button.

Step 15: If you can reach this point, it means all information you entered in the previous screens are all correct. Now, here are the things you need to enter:

  • Give this account a name (Optional) - just enter your Verizon email address (username@verizon.net)
  • Your name (Displayed on outgoing message) - if you want to use your full name, you can do so, otherwise, the first name would do

Step 16: Tap the Done button.

That's it! You can now start receiving emails sent through your Verizon email account. I hope this helps. If you have further questions, email me at harold@droidista.com.

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