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Samsung Galaxy S5 Can't Send / Receive MMS Messages

By: Unknown | Monday, May 19, 2014


I received a lot of emails about the Samsung Galaxy S5 not being able to send or receive MMS messages. Some would suggest it is a manufacturing defect, others say it's a firmware issue, and many said it's a network problem.

Well, I am one of the people who would say it's some kind of a network-related issue more than anything else. However, it's not really the 'network' that has problems, rather the data needed to connect to that network--APN (Access Point Name) Settings.

Majority of these kinds of problems could be fixed by acquiring the correct APN from the service provider or carrier. If you can't send or receive MMS with your new Samsung Galaxy S5, here's what you need to do:

Make sure mobile data is enabled. If you think you can send and receive MMS messages by connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you're wrong. And you're still wrong if you think your phone can transmit MMS if it can send / receive text messages. You need mobile data turned on to do this.

APN Settings should be correct. If you use services of the carrier or service provider where you bought the phone, then the APN must have already been set. All you need to do is make sure it's correct by resetting it back to default settings. Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > More settings > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Menu key > Reset to default.

Call your service provider. If you bought the phone from another company and uses services of another, you must call the company that provides service to your phone rather than the store where you bought it and ask for the correct APN. For example, you bought the Galaxy S5 from Verizon and you're using Straight Talk's services, you need to call ST for the APN settings.

Factory reset. If you think you messed up your phone's settings and don't know how to bring them back, factory reset will bring the phone back to its default settings. This must be your last resort.

I hope this helps. If you have questions, email me at harold@droidista.com. Thanks.

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