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Samsung Galaxy S5: Backup / Restore with microSD card

By: Unknown | Saturday, May 31, 2014


This guide will walk you through backing up data--including contacts, photos, videos, music, files, etc.--in your Samsung Galaxy S5 using a microSD card. So far, this is the easiest way to backup your files as you don't need to connect your phone to other devices. The only requirement you'll have to comply is buy recommended microSD cards, then you're good to go. Now, here are the steps on how to backup your Galaxy S5 data:

Backup Contacts

Step 1: Open the back panel of your phone and then insert the microSD card to its designated slot located just above the battery.

Step 2: With the microSD card already mounted on the device, replace the back cover and turn the phone on.

Step 3: Let's backup your contacts first. From the Home screen, tap the Contacts app.

Step 4: Once Contacts is up, tap the menu icon on the upper-right corner -- the icon with three dots.

Step 5: From the list of options, tap Settings and then choose Contacts.

Step 6: On the next screen, choose Export/Import option.

Step 7: Since we will be using the microSD card, choose Export to SD card.

Step 8: You will get a message saying, "Your contacts will be exported to: /storage/extSDCard/Contacts.vcf." Tap OK.

Backup Music, Photos, Videos, Files

Step 1: Go back to the Home screen, and then tap the Apps icon.

Step 2: Tap My Files app.

Step 3: Now choose the storage where files are saved. In this case it's Device storage.

Step 4: Navigate to the directory where files you want backed up are saved. Please note that downloaded music tracks are located in the folder Music while photos and videos are in DCIM.

Step 5: Touch and hold the file you want to back up. If there are multiple files, tap each one of them after you initially selected a file.

Step 6: Now tap on the Menu icon in the upper-right corner (the icon with three dots again).

Step 7: Tap Copy and then choose the destination. In this case, it's the SD card.

Step 8: Now navigate to the desired directory and tap Paste here.

That's it! Believe me, it's as easy as that. So, the next time you're planning to perform factory reset on your new Samsung Galaxy S5 and want to back up your data, follow these steps. I hope this helps.

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