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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Notification Lights and their Meaning

By: Unknown | Friday, May 9, 2014


Like Samsung flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 3 also has a LED indicator located in the top-left corner in the front panel of your phone. The indicator emits three primary colors: Blue, Red and Green.

The main purpose of the LED indicator is to notify you of the current condition or status of your phone. For example, you missed a notification, the phone would emit light with a pattern to tell you about it without actually unlocking the screen. Believe it or not, it makes life a little easier if you knew the meaning of the colors and their rhythms.

Notification Lights Meaning

Pulsating Blue - if the phone emits a pulsating multi-color blue light, it means the device is either turning On or Off.

Blinking Blue - if you have missed calls, unread messages, and other communication-related notifications, the LED gives off blinking blue light. The same color and rhythm shows if you're voice recording.

Glowing / Steady Red - in case you haven't noticed yet, the LED indicator will emit a glowing red light when you connect  your charger and the phone is charging.

Blinking Red - the phone is telling you that the battery is low and it continues to blink red when you connect the charger but there is a problem with charging.

Glowing / Steady Green - you will be able to see this light if the phone is plugged in to a charger and the battery has already been fully-charged.

That's all! Easy to memorize, isn't it? Here's a thing, if the phone is telling you something important but not alarming, the light is blue. If it's telling you that something is wrong and it needs immediate attention, it is red. And the green, well, you know what the green color always stands for.

And oh, before I forget, you can edit which events you want your phone to notify you of by going to Settings > Device > LED Indicator.

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