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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Blank / Black Screen

By: Unknown | Sunday, May 4, 2014


While this problem is not common, many Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners claimed to have encountered this problem. Some said the issue was resolved by simply plugging the charger in while others weren't so lucky they have to send in their device for repair. What makes this problem difficult to resolve is that it happens out of the blue that you don't even have time to know what caused it.
After a couple of years providing support to Android smartphone owners, I've seen enough already. Based on thousands of emails I've received from owners asking for help, I have narrowed down this problem to four possible causes.

Possible Causes

  • Temporary device issue or glitch
  • Battery was drained completely
  • An application has gone rogue affecting core processes
  • Hardware issue


Based on the four possible causes I've mentioned earlier, we can try to troubleshoot and learn what the problem really is.

Step 1: Attempt to turn the phone on. If it were a temporary device issue or a glitch in the system that caused the phone to shutdown, then it should power on. If successful, you must observe the phone closely to know if it would shutdown or if the screen goes blank again.

Step 2: Perform a soft reset. If the Note 3 refused to turn on, then it is time you performed soft reset. Open the back panel, then remove the battery. The device should have without battery for a minute and at the same time press and hold the Power button. Place the battery back and attempt to turn it on. If successful, the problem could be categorized as "temporary device issue or glitch." You must continue observing it closely to know if it would happen again.

Step 3: Plug the charger in. Perhaps the battery was drained completely. Allow the device to charge for 5 minutes, then attempt to turn the phone on. If you successfully turned it on, problem solved. The problem was just battery related and to prevent it from happening again, always check your battery indicator. However, if after 5 minutes of charging and the phone still refuses to turn on and you can't see the charging icon, it is possible that either the battery or the charger has the problem. Try a different battery or charger.

Step 4: Boot to Safe Mode. To rule out the possibility of a rogue app, try to boot the phone to safe mode. Doing so will disable all third-party apps from running leaving all pre-installed apps and services to operate. In other words, this is the state the phone should function without any problems. If the phone won't boot even in safe mode, it is a possible hardware problem.

Step 5: Have the phone checked by a technician. In step 3, I suggested  you try different battery and charger, if that didn't fix it, there is a possibility that the charging port was damaged. Aside from that, there are two components that could have also sustain damages: the display panel and/or digitizer.

If you have other problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, visit the device's support page to browse other troubleshooting guides.

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