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Samsung Galaxy S5: Managing Mobile Data Usage

By: Unknown | Monday, April 21, 2014


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a built-in mobile data usage monitor that would help you manage your data usage better. The built-in application will tell you how much data you've already used, and which app or service uses more data. There is no need for you to download and install third-party data monitor from the Play Store.

How to Access Data Usage

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon and then the Settings icon.

Step 2: Under 'QUICK SETTINGS' section, find and tap the Data usage icon.

The Data usage screen will give you three options to enable or disable:

Mobile data - the checked box means mobile data is enabled on your Galaxy S5; unchecking it would mean disabling mobile data.

Limit mobile data usage - checking this option will give you permission to set a specific limit to you data usage that when the limit is reached, the phone will perform specific actions set by you.

Alert me about data usage - this option, when checked, will notify you of the status of your mobile data usage.

Managing Alert and Limit

When you want to manage your mobile data usage, make sure the checkbox to the right of Mobile data is checked.

To set the warning level of your mobile data usage, touch the golden anchor on the right side of the graph. You can drag it up or down based on your preference. Or, you can simply touch the bar and set the data usage warning level in megabytes (MB). In this example, it is set to 2GB.

Moreover, you can change the date range by tapping the Data usage cycle.

To set the limit level, touch the red anchor and drag it up or down to your preferred limit. In this example, it is set to 5GB of data. Check the Limit mobile data usage option above the graph to disable mobile data connection when limit is reached.

You will be notified via a dialog box when you reached your data usage limit.

You can Re-enable data or simply leave it off by tapping OK. You can turn on mobile data anytime by touching Mobile data turned off in the Notification Panel.

More Options

The built-in mobile data usage application in your Galaxy S5 manages more functions and they are the following:

Data roaming - you can enable your roaming on your phone when you mark this option.

Restrict background data - turn this option on if you want to restrict your phone from using mobile data for background tasks unless it is connected to a Wi-Fi network that has active internet connection.

Auto sync data - unmarking this option will disable all synchronizations for all accounts setup on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Show Wi-Fi usage - if you want to have an additional tab showing statistics for your phone's Wi-Fi usage,  you can mark this option.

Mobile hotspots - select Wi-Fi networks that are mobile hotspots. When selected, apps can be restricted from using these networks when in the background and can also warn you about using these networks for large downloads.

Show units - you can change units to MB only, GB only or MB/GB (auto change).

Applications listed in this screen are the ones that used mobile data within the cycle you specified. You can tap each app to either View app settings or individually Restrict background data.

Galaxy S5 owners who have unlimited data plan don't have to worry about these settings.

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