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Samsung Galaxy S3: Old Emails Reappearing as Unread Messages [How to Fix]

By: Unknown | Sunday, April 27, 2014


After the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, which was rolled out in November last year, many Samsung Galaxy S3 owners complained about having their old emails getting downloaded again and reappearing in their inboxes. While many users claim this happens only to those who are using the stock email app, there were also others who said it also happened in their Gmail app.

Samsung, as usual, didn't make a comment about this simply because the problem is minor and doesn't actually concern the hardware or any Samsung services. Problems like this can easily be blamed on the app, so we couldn't expect Samsung to roll out a minor update just to address this problem, although thousands, if not millions, of owners are complaining about problems they encountered after the 4.3 update.

There are no clear explanations as to why old emails are getting re-downloaded after the update. So, I have to speak with a friend of mine whose working in one of the companies that develop email apps/clients for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

According to him, it is possible that the update brings along bug fixes or enhancements to both the email app and the service that handles syncs. So, after the update, the email app resets while retaining the credentials of the owner. If sync is on, the email app synchronizes with the server downloading new emails as well as the old ones.

His advice for users is to delete old emails from the server and not just on the phone, this way, even if the email app tries to download all emails from the server, it could download the ones that are already deleted. For owners who might be seeing hundreds of old emails having re-downloaded on their phones, you may follow the following procedures.

Step 1. Clear cache and data of the email app. This will delete your settings as well as your downloaded emails and I cannot guarantee the safety of those messages. So, it's up to you if you will proceed with this step or not. Please proceed at your own risk. Go to Settings > More tab > Application Manager > All tab > Email > Clear Cache > Clear Data, OK.

There were several owners who encountered this problem that claimed doing the first step and immediately setting up the email could solve this problem. So, it's worth a try. What you need to do is follow step 1 and after that, re-setup your account. If that doesn't solve the problem, perform step 1 again and proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Delete emails from server. Login to your webmail account and delete all your old emails or the messages you don't want to reappear. If you can't afford to lose them, create a separate folder and move them there.

Step 3. Setup your email. With both the cache and data of the email app cleared and old emails deleted from the server, you can expect that when you setup your account, new emails or the ones you want to re-appear would be downloaded and no others.

Why do you have to follow these procedure?

Other owners tried deleting emails from their inbox on their phones but every time the Galaxy S3 (running Android 4.3) syncs, those emails would be re-downloaded making duplicates and apparently eating up space from the phone's memory.

I hope this post can somehow help you. Don't worry, I will not stop researching about this problem and I will surely post new developments. Thanks for reading.

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