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How To Display Recent Applications on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

By: Unknown | Friday, March 14, 2014


Display the Recent Applications screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 will enable you to view any application's information and remove any app from the list of recently used apps. Android does not automatically close an app when you hit the Home button or run another. Instead, the app continues to run in the background using portion of your precious RAM.

The more apps running in the background, the slower your tablet will become over time. That is why it is recommended you call upon the Recent Applications screen and close as many apps as possible. You can close everything in that list to your satisfaction.
  1. From any location in any app, you can touch Recent Apps key to quickly access the Recent applications screen and a link to the Task manager. Touch the Recent Apps key located on the left side of the Home button.
  2. Touch and hold an application in the list to view its App info or to Remove from list. For this tutorial, let's try to Remove an app from list to close it.
  3. Touch Remove from list.
  4. You can also touch and swipe up any app's thumbnail to dismiss it form the list.
  5. To remove all applications from the list, touch the Close all icon.
If you think your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has become a little slower, then start closing apps from Recent Applications screen.

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