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How To Setup Samsung Galaxy S5 (Preparing for First Time Use)

By: Unknown | Monday, March 24, 2014


I had the opportunity to play with the live Samsung Galaxy S5 but unlike other bloggers, I won't write a review of the phone. Instead, I will write tutorials for those who may find it "confusing" to operate their new powerful smartphone for the first time. Here's how you set up the new Samsung Galaxy S5:

  1. First and foremost, insert the battery and the SIM card.
  2. Turn the phone on for the first time.
  3. A setup wizard welcomes you and you need to choose your Language.
  4. Tap on Accessibility to adjust necessary settings of your preference and then tap Next.
  5. Turn on the Wi-Fi and select an available network you can connect to, and then tap Next.
  6. You will be asked to Sign-in or Create a Samsung account. If you already have one, then choose sign-in. For those who haven't signed up for a Samsung account yet, you may create at this point or you can Skip to create your account at a later time.
  7. You will be asked for your Gmail account. If you already have one, tap Yes, otherwise, tap No. If you tapped No, you will redirected to Get an account or you can simple tap Not now to proceed.
  8. Read the 'Google & location' info and then tap Next to continue.
  9. You may enter your First and Last Names if you want to at this point, and tap Next to continue with the setup.
  10. You will then be asked to Sign-in, Create account, or to Skip Dropbox setup. I skipped this step.
  11. The next screen will be the opportunity to "Learn about key features." You may swipe up to view all key feature of the Galaxy S5. Tap Next to continue.
  12. You may now set the Name of the device at this point. Remember, this would be the name others may see when connecting to your phone like when pairing Bluetooth or connecting via other wireless methods.
  13. Tap Finish.
  14. You may tap More info to learn about Collect diagnostics and when finished tap Close.
  15. You will then be brought to Home screen 3.

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