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Samsung Galaxy S3 showing unread SMS messages

By: Unknown | Friday, March 21, 2014


Does your Samsung Galaxy S3 say you have unread messages or missed calls? Are you seeing negative 1 (-1) notification on your Messaging app icon? Or, does the voicemail icon say you have unheard voice messages? All these false notifications are not really serious problems with the phone, they're just so annoying because you will be fooled every time.

False notifications are actually common in Android and they started during the Gingerbread times. The fact is, a few days after the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in 2012, many owners were already asking on how to get rid of negative or unread messages.
There were already a lot of customers who entered our shop having this kind of problem, although some were of different variation. There is always one very effective procedure I know that would fix false notifications problems not to mention safe.

But before anything else, I was you to check whether there is indeed unread messages or unheard voicemails. If you're 100% sure, then follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Touch the More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left to display the All tab.
  5. Scroll down to find BadgeProvider.
  6. Tap Clear Data button.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Now, reboot your phone.

That's it. That should take of the false notifications you received.

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