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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 NFC Switch is Grayed Out [How To Fix]

By: Unknown | Sunday, March 16, 2014


A Galaxy Note 2 owner emailed me about his phone's NFC problem. According to him, the toggle switch was grayed out and now there is no way for him to turn the feature On and Off. He didn't know when the problem started. Here's is his actual message:
Screenshot by Rene' Ortiz via Google+

Hey Harold,
How you doing? I've been reading your posts on TDG and I must say  you did a great job answering questions of the people with phone problems. So, I visited your apparently new blog just to contact you about my problem.
Basically, my problem is very simple. The NFC button (as well as the S Beam's) is grayed out and I can neither turn it on nor off. I recently updated my phone so I'm suspecting it's related to that but I really don't have a clue what to do to fix this issue. Can you think of anything that could resolve this problem? Thanks.
Johnny Q. Mercer
I haven't read anything about an update-related but that may cause this problem. But honestly, your problem isn't so common that there aren't so many fixes available online. I, after replicating hundreds of problems, haven't encountered this problem, so I'm also at a loss here.

I was, however, able to talk to one of my friends over at XDA and was told that NFC functionality in Galaxy devices can be affected when the original battery was altered. Using third-party batteries that aren't NFC-certified or without Near Field Communication print on them may often lead to this issue. 

Now, I was also able to dig a little deeper into some social networking site (Google+ specifically) and I found one post by +Rene' “RENODADDY” Ortiz
The Qi wireless charging receiver pad on my battery was the cause. Once I removed the connection leads and turned the phone back on the NFC & S Beam were working fine...
You may not be using Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Pad but it, somehow, proves the claims by other users about the effect of third-party power supplies on NFC functionality. If ever you're currently using a battery that isn't NFC-certified, consider buying a genuine battery for your Galaxy Note 2.

I hope I have answered your question. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks.

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